New Clean Guns via Web’s Mixtape


Head over to to grab 2 free MP3’s:  “Still Leaning” is Web and Clean Guns (Nico the Beast + Zilla Rocca) sittin’ sideways in a drunken haze and “Iron Curtain” features Nico doing what he does best (and it ain’t playing Twister!).   “All you other emcees putting out street rhymes need to step your game up, because this kid is rapping circles around y’all.”–Fresh

Clean Guns are getting back in the studio shortly for their first joint release since 2007’s EP Clean Guns = World Domination and will be dropping some free goodies via the interwebs in the coming weeks.  Stay tuned!


Al Mighty on The REC Show via G-Town Radio

Al Mighty

After making serious waves with the debut No News is Good News as one-half of MAGr alongside Distant Starr, Al Mighty is hard at work on his official Beat Garden debut The Agony of Deceit. 

Check him out this Wednesday Sept. 30th on The REC Show via G-Town Radio from 8pm-10pm.  Shoutouts to our certified fam-a-lams Cruze, Lonnie and Scholar who have been gracious enough to let Clean Guns and Vixion on the show in the past!

Stream the Entire Shadowboxers LP via Bandcamp

Curly Castro- “Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop!!”

Come and see you friendly neighborhood Re.Bel- Curly Castro, as he rocks out with AKiLLES & the OddICY – Upstairs @ the Marathon Grill: 40th & Walnut TONIGHT!!. Along with the excellent sonics of one of the hardest working bands in the Ill-a-delph, I will be premiering an exclusive nu, never heard before Song!! So don’t miss out.

AKiLLES & the OddICY ft. Curly Castro + eMCee Unless. 09.19.09

AKiLLES & the OddICY ft. Curly Castro + eMCee Unless. 09.19.09

Also check out likkle bwoy Castro in his first write-up for the upcoming project Phatman & Likkle bwoy w/ dj Ambush @


Be Good Peoples…bang, Bang Beat Garden. porkfried-Well Done. Public Axis. It should be more than obvious now. The illness is spreading…


Special Techniques of Shadowboxers

Douglas Martin, the production side of the 5 O’Clock Shadowboxers with Zilla Rocca, is featured on the esteemed blog Poisonous Paragraphs for its Fall Edition of 25 Producers You Need to Hear Right Now.

And in other Shadowboxer news, the next release from the guys is The Broken Clocks EP, a collection of outtakes, remixes, and 2 new cuts.  Guests include Nico the Beast, Curly Castro, Small Professor, Elucid and Has Lo.  There is no set release date, but winter feels right. 

In the meantime, you can check the official Shadowboxers site at Bandcamp.  Bandcamp allows you to stream full songs, read lyrics, choose custom skins for the music player, and purchase the The Slow Twilight for $8 (iTunes is hawking it for $10).  You can also download Small Professor’s “Bottomfeeders Remix” for free on the Bandcamp site as well.  Well what are you waiting for?

The Bomb’s All Here


*First Release* is the first sonic look into the world of Phatman & Likkle bwoy: The nu collaboration from Curly Castro and dj Ambush. Click on the song title to get this free explosive, careful now… we already pulled the pin. Thanks for the support.

bang Bang Beat Garden/ Public Axis


Curly Castro Live TONIGHT!!!!

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castro flyer