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“Castro might best be categorized as a “lyrical” emcee, though without having to resort to the golden age mimicry that typically comes along with such a categorization…his skills on the mic should be evident to hip hop heads of any generation.”

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UPDATE: new working DL link for Phatman & Likkle Bwoy mixtape


Beat Garden & Rock The Dub Present: Curly Castro & DJ Ambush PHATMAN AND LIKKLEBWOY

castro cover 1

Artwork by Dewey Saunders

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Artwork by Dewey Saunders

It truly is a glorious day here at Beat Garden! 

After solidfying our spot in Philly with Nico the Beast’s Dinner is Served mixtape in January and successfully reaching out to the art-hop crowd this summer with 5 O’Clock Shadowboxers’ debut The Slow Twilight, we’re kicking off a heavy fall-through-winter season barrage of bangin’ ass hip hop spearheaded by Curly Castro & DJ Ambush! 

After tearing down stages across the country for years and performing alongside too many heavyweights to list here, Curly Castro donned the Beat Garden cape earlier this year (even giving us a new tagline: “BANG BANG!”) and re-established himself with endless performances to not only keep his craft in tip-top shape, but to introduce music from this release to fans new and old. 

Here’s the science behind the mixtape, two and a half years in the making:

“Named after the “Fat Man” and “Little Boy” bombs that were dropped on Hiroshima in World War 2, this brand new mixtape from Curly Castro & DJ Ambush boasts a distinct theme of destruction and rebuilding.

The overall presentation is quite entertaining, as the duo (yes, Ambush can spit too!) avoids blunt complaints and exhausted golden era footnotes in favor of more abstract and objective means to address various aspects of hip-hop culture’s evolution.

“He’s the DJ, We’re Both Rappers” salutes the pre-Serato/ internet hustle of decades past, alluding to the increasing laziness of artists and fans that have come as a byproduct of the music’s technological advancements. Along the same lines, “Boxin’” employs the true-school logo ghetto-blaster as an analogy of rap’s societal impact and its cautious eye from the powers that be. “Chaos Theory” and “Summer of ‘77” continue this trend and move seamlessly into introspective testaments “Missing Persons” and “First Release”, which bring the theme full circle, pushing us to keep it moving with the implication that improvement of the culture begins with personal maturation.

Unlike most mixtapes, the project’s filler songs are actually its glue. Playful joints “Rapping Simpsons” and “Frankenstein”, along with deep non-fictions like “Keychains” and “Gravity” are, for lack of better word, straight dope and rewind-worthy. The well-developed concepts over superb instrumental selections from the likes of Outkast and Black Milk not only serve as an homage to those that carry the torch in today’s music, but also emulate on ‘what hip-hop is’ according to the more nostalgic tracks.

Consider Phat Man & Likkle Bwoy a preemptive strike for Castro’s upcoming album Winston’s Appeal, which, after the smoke clears, will solidify his place as not just a dope MC, but a cinematic songwriter and progressive mind.”

DOWNLOAD: RTD & Beat Garden Present Curly Castro & DJ Ambush: Phatman & Likklebwoy Mixtape

Tune in this week as update you on Curly Castro interviews, videos, news, etc!

Curly Castro “Keychains”



“Curly Castro “Keychains“: Here’s the final leak from DJ Ambush and Curly Castro’s Phatman And Likklebwoy mixtape, which will be dropping on RTD next week. Curly throws some story-driven darts about some cats that you probably know in your hood. While he borrows the hook from The Clipse, this goes deeper than slick-talkin’ Crack Rap; this is November chill, with a healthy dose of real life struggle.

All of this and more on Phatman And Likklebwoy – you have been warned.

Jimmy Giambrone: The Kid Stays in the Picture

Beat Garden’s in-house video ace Jimmy Giambrone just wrapped up another high profile video.  A few weeks after banging out Jakk Frost’s latest visuals, Jimmy banged out the video for Sean Price’s “Figure Four” off his Kimbo Price mixtape.

Check out the pics from the video shoot at

In related Beat Garden news, Jimmy finished up the 5 O’Clock Shadowboxers video for “High Noon” last week and is gearing up to Speilberg a few more with the cornucopia of Beat Garden releases coming out before 2010!

Here’s a quick refresher on what the kid already has in the can:

Jakk Frost “Do You Hear What They Say”

Nico the Beast in the studio

Zilla Rocca f/ Nico the Beast “Raw to the Floor”

Live Freestyle Session From Yadidox HQ: Nico the Beast, MAGr (Al Mighty + Distant Starr), Toke Jones

Nico & Shadowboxers Crack The Top 100

Nico mic

Photo by Jimmy Giambrone

SB shadow hat

Photo by Jimmy Giambrone

Two of the three Beat Garden releases this year, Nico the Beast’s mixtape Dinner is Served and 5 O’Clock Shadowboxers LP The Slow Twilight, have made the list of the Top 100 Hip Hop Releases of 2009 So Far…by the esteemed blogger(house!) conquistador Dart Adams via Posionous Paragraphs!

Head over to Poisonous Paragraphs to check the entire list!

You can (STILL!) grab Nico’s mixtape, featuring Reef the Lost Cauze, Kre Forch, Stress the White Boy, and the entire Beat Garden fam for free in the right column!  And you can head over to Nico’s Reverb Nation page to stream new and classic joints while he finishes up the highly anticipated LP The Beast Within.

You can stream the Shadowboxers album and DL it over at Bandcamp!

November is already lining up to a GREAT month for BGE live shows!  Check the listings, y’all!