WORLD PREMIERE! 5 O’Clock Shadowboxers “High Noon” video

Directed by Zilla Rocca
Produced by Curly Castro
Filmed and edited by Jimmy Giambrone
Co-starring Nico the Beast, Jawnzap7, and Liz Padova

Taken from the 5 O’Clock Shadowboxers LP The Slow Twilight


One Response

  1. This is a master comprehension of real hip hop and film. The technique to deliver the plot is amazing and provides mad room for discussion. Everything is crisp and Clear from the lyrics, to the percepts in the scene transitions to the casting (a critical feat) which was naturally instinctual….Hardcore. There was nothing about this project that seems minimized.This video humiliates the so called anti industry cats who whine about content and recognition while refusing to be cognizant of their own CRAFT’s mediocrity and thus could never produce anything on this level of professionalism and BRAND Expansion.

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