Phatman & Likkle Bwoy Release ::Photo:Realism:: -12.17.09

Here are some photos from the extravanganza that was the Release!!!!! All Photos by Liz Padova. To see the full compliment go to her Flickr page…Thank you Phimm-matic !

The BombMakers- dj Ambush & Curly Castro

Who Wanna Bleached Cannon? Go and get A CLEAN GUN(s)!!!!

the Lord's Souljahs: Society Park!!

Don't phuck with Castro or the PHATMAN!!!! dj Ambush

dj Deuce was jack of all trades that night...

Fat Ni-Dice!!!! on the M.I.C. !!84!!

Peace to the Gods, Raskull of Magnum O!!!

It's the nu Medgar Ev!!! Curly Castro

Ethel Cee, hostess with the most-ess and a whole lot more!!!!

Ra the One Sun Lion prowlin' from the cut.

  • Also be on the lookout for the Double Warhead Deluxe reissue of the Phatman & Likkle bwoy mixtape with remixes prod. by Has-Lo, Zilla Rocca, Jawnzap 7, & feat. Verso (as Verse mega Flanders,lol!!). Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the support…1ne L. ~ Castro

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