Beat Garden Entertainment is a Philadelphia based hip hop company formed in 2006 by lifelong friends Nico the Beat, Octavius “Big O” Mitchell, and Zilla Rocca.

Since the inception, the fellas have managed to garner critical acclaim for numerous releases and have made serious grounds in not only the Philadelphia hip hop community but in the crucial world of Hip Hop 2.0: bloggers, critics, and bootleggin’ hip hop fans across the world.  Live shows, merchadising, contests–no stone has been left unturned.  Following the footsteps of Definitive Jux, Stones Throw, Anticon, and Epitaph Records, Beat Garden as an indie record label has truly followed the tagline “Many styles. Many styles.” with releases ranging from street-based mixtapes to art-hop LP’s seamlessly.

Beat Garden now offers a stable of new and seasoned talents on the mic, behind the boards, overseeing marketing and promotions, and building an interactive experience with fans daily via Yadibox.com, home of podcasts, webisodes, and live radio streams since 2004. 

Like Mike Lowery said, we “get up and take it to the max EVERY DAY!”



2 Responses

  1. Much love to the Beat Garden Fam

  2. They Got the game in a Choke Hold!

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