Shadowboxers Invade the Top 100 of 2009 (again)

Artwork by Objektiv One

The EP is coming y’all…

Until then, two more Shadowboxer cuts made the Top 100 tracks of 2009 at the almighty conglomerate that is Bloggerhouse

The #29 hip hop song of ’09 is “No Fury (Zilla Rocca Remix)”, which is the first cut off the upcoming Broken Clocks EP.  You can download the track for free via Bloggerhouse.  The #15 song of ’09 is “Bottomfeeders (Small Professor Remix)”, which you can stream in its entirety and download it (for $1) at the official 5 O’Clock Shadowboxers Bandcamp page, where you can also stream the entire The Slow Twilight LP and read lyrics, interview outtakes, and more.

Beat Garden Among The Top 50 Hip Hop Songs of 2009

Passion of the Weiss unveiled it’s annual Best Of year end list.

MAGr (Al Mighty & Distant Starr) placed at #50 with their standout cut “Laminated Looseleafs” featuring Blu of the album No News is Good News5 O’Clock Shadowboxers came in at #31 with the recently visualized “High Noon”.  And Zilla Rocca contributed write-ups to cuts by M.O.P. and Blakroc featuring Raekwon.

Check the list here.

WORLD PREMIERE! 5 O’Clock Shadowboxers “High Noon” video

Directed by Zilla Rocca
Produced by Curly Castro
Filmed and edited by Jimmy Giambrone
Co-starring Nico the Beast, Jawnzap7, and Liz Padova

Taken from the 5 O’Clock Shadowboxers LP The Slow Twilight

Shadoxers + Beast = One of the Best Songs of 2009

When you gonna take a seat, dead queen?

In case you STILL haven’t check the 5 O’Clock Shadowboxers’ debut The Slow Twilight, fear not sleeping hip hop listener!  The good folks at Bloggerhouse have done you a favor and went ahead to list the track “Dead Queens” featuring Nico the Beast among the top 100 songs of the 2009.  Coming in at a cool number 77 (Ray Borque’s number to all 9 of you NHL fans left!), “Dead Qeens” along with the rest of the album is available for full streaming and DLing over at the 5 O’Clock Shadowboxers’ Bandcamp page.

Not to be outdone with just a simple mention of the Shadowboxers track, Dart Adams of Bloggerhouse penned an insightful essay on the Emergence of the Free LP and mentioned The Slow Twilight as the future of what “artists and bloggers are capable of bringing together” and how this means “deep shit” for record labels.

PS The long awaited video for “High Noon” off The Slow Twilight drops THIS WEEK!  It will premiere here at Beat Garden Site as soon as it’s ready!!!!

Tonight We Celebrate The Life of Domenic Zarrella Jr.

Tonight is the most important event in the history of Beat Garden: the Benefit for Domenic Zarrella Jr aka Baby Beast.

If you cannot make it out tonight and still would like to make a donation, please email Zilla Rocca for more information:

We appreciate all of your support! See you tonight!

Zilla Rocca Makes Top 25 Producers You Need To Hear Right Now

His Shadowboxer potna Douglas Martin was already ordained by Poisonous Paragraphs a few weeks back.  Now Zilla Rocca gets the “listen to this dude’s beats ASAP!” treatment at Poisonous Paragraphs.

Nico & Shadowboxers Crack The Top 100

Nico mic

Photo by Jimmy Giambrone

SB shadow hat

Photo by Jimmy Giambrone

Two of the three Beat Garden releases this year, Nico the Beast’s mixtape Dinner is Served and 5 O’Clock Shadowboxers LP The Slow Twilight, have made the list of the Top 100 Hip Hop Releases of 2009 So Far…by the esteemed blogger(house!) conquistador Dart Adams via Posionous Paragraphs!

Head over to Poisonous Paragraphs to check the entire list!

You can (STILL!) grab Nico’s mixtape, featuring Reef the Lost Cauze, Kre Forch, Stress the White Boy, and the entire Beat Garden fam for free in the right column!  And you can head over to Nico’s Reverb Nation page to stream new and classic joints while he finishes up the highly anticipated LP The Beast Within.

You can stream the Shadowboxers album and DL it over at Bandcamp!

November is already lining up to a GREAT month for BGE live shows!  Check the listings, y’all!

Shadowboxers Press

SB's 1

Photo by Liz Padova

“One of the best hip hop releases of the year”–Austrailian hip hop mag SCENE.  Skip ahead to pg 39

“If you enjoy a listen that pushes the envelope as Hip Hop continues to evolve, then what Zilla Rocca and Douglas Martin have offered up is right up your alley.”–Bloggerhouse

In other Shadowboxer news, we’ll be wrapping up the video shoot for “High Noon” tomorrow with Jimmy Giambrone of Dangerous In Public.  If you’re a fan of seedy motels, vicious sex vixens in lingerie with a score to settle, and grown men getting shoved into trunks, this one’s a winner!  Stay Tuned

You can stream The Slow Twilight along with the single “Bottomfeeders (Small Professor Remix)” from the upcoming Broken Clocks EP here

We Bury Bodies in this Garden of Beats!!!!!

What’s good world. Here to give the 411 on another Beat Garden extravaganza….

This Friday, the 23rd of October, In South Philly, your boys are in the building, BANG BANG!!! Come witness some controlled Chaos!! (For 7 dollars of course) @ Saturnlian Mummer’s Hall 1811 S. 2nd St.

bang, Bang Beat Garden/ E.City/ Kontra/ Respect the Culture/ Public AX(is)!!!

bang, Bang Beat Garden/ E.City/ Kontra/ Respect the Culture/ Moja Sol/ Public AX(is)!!!

Also be on the look out for “the Slow Twilight” (5 O’Clock Shadowboxers) physical cds and the download for “Phatman & Likkle Bwoy” (Curly Castro + dj Ambush) mixtape  free download :coming soon:

Reviews for the Khyber Show + New Pics

Curly Castro & Jawnzap7.  Photo by Liz Padova.

Curly Castro & Jawnzap7. Photo by Liz Padova.

“That shit was tough..It started a fire within me (and others), and should only mean good things for the Beat Garden, Public Axis and RTD crews.  Thank you, Philly.”–Rock the Dub review of the Khyber show

“Public Axis brought a nice collection of hungry, independent hip hop artists to the stage”– review of the show plus pics