Tonight We Celebrate The Life of Domenic Zarrella Jr.

Tonight is the most important event in the history of Beat Garden: the Benefit for Domenic Zarrella Jr aka Baby Beast.

If you cannot make it out tonight and still would like to make a donation, please email Zilla Rocca for more information:

We appreciate all of your support! See you tonight!

Trailer for The Benefit for Domenic Zarrella Jr aka Baby Beast on Nov. 28

Beat Garden would love to see everyone come out and support not only Nico the Beast and the caveat of outstanding artists on the bill, but to show love to the entire Zarrella family.

See you November 28th!

Big O as Samuel L. Snackson

Skip to to 1:34 to see the big screen debut of Big O in the upcoming film Concealed Habitat coming out in September.  You can also see new Beat Gardener Russian Gates (formerly Black Russian) getting the bejesus stomped out of him, and then socked in the face at the end.  Party!