Clean Guns Vs. Wu-Tang: The Coming

In conjunction with our brother from another mother site, Clean Guns (Nico the Beast + Zilla Rocca) is gearing up to drop their first project in almost three years (check the catalogue on CD Baby, suckas!)

In honor of the east coast hip hop institution that is the Wu-Tang Clan, Clean Guns & are partnering up for the recreation project titled One in the 36th Chamber.  Instead of rapping over classic Shaolin instrumentals, producers are remaking Wu joints from the highly publicized (“Criminology”, “Bring the Pain”) to the slept-on (Inspectah Deck’s “Elevation”, Raekwon’s “Jury”). 

Before the full project is released for free download, will be leaking some promo cuts of Clean Guns going in on Wu-Tang instrumentals.  This week we have Nico the Beast putting a hurtin’ on “Triumph”. 

Look, listen, and observe Nico’s 5 minute plus freestyle at


Phatman & Likkle Bwoy Review at

“Castro might best be categorized as a “lyrical” emcee, though without having to resort to the golden age mimicry that typically comes along with such a categorization…his skills on the mic should be evident to hip hop heads of any generation.”

Read the full-review and grab 2 free MP3s at

UPDATE: new working DL link for Phatman & Likkle Bwoy mixtape

Zilla Rocca & Sick Six Cover KRS-ONE

One of Beat Garden’s closest fam-a-lam’s is Sick Six of Bes Kept Entertainment.  His debut album Pain is Poems dropped earlier this year and featured Clean Gunner Nico the Beast. 

Now it’s time for Zilla Rocca and Sick Six to get busy!

Grab “MC’s Act Like They Don’t Know Freestyle” at

And make sure to come to the Khyber in Philly on Friday October 16th to see performances by Sick Six and Zilla Rocca with Curly Castro as the 5 O’Clock Shadowboxers!

New Clean Guns via Web’s Mixtape


Head over to to grab 2 free MP3’s:  “Still Leaning” is Web and Clean Guns (Nico the Beast + Zilla Rocca) sittin’ sideways in a drunken haze and “Iron Curtain” features Nico doing what he does best (and it ain’t playing Twister!).   “All you other emcees putting out street rhymes need to step your game up, because this kid is rapping circles around y’all.”–Fresh

Clean Guns are getting back in the studio shortly for their first joint release since 2007’s EP Clean Guns = World Domination and will be dropping some free goodies via the interwebs in the coming weeks.  Stay tuned!