Ground Zero is the Stage that I Play On!!!!

Peace good folks in Garden Land. Your friendly neighborhood re.Bel, Curly Castro & his Eletrical Cohort. JawnZap 7, have a couple of shows in your area codes that you should be aware of….

Photo by Perry Lassin. Design by JawnZap 7

First Off TONIGHT! @ Marathon Grill (Upstars):

flyer design by Mars 5

Then Next we Have @the Jeffersonville Country Club:

brought to you by Rok Bottom. **

So Come on out and Check the best in Beat Garden Lyrical Crops on Friday the 4th, and on Friday the 18th. The Best Green you ever seen,..Seen…..


The Bomb’s All Here


*First Release* is the first sonic look into the world of Phatman & Likkle bwoy: The nu collaboration from Curly Castro and dj Ambush. Click on the song title to get this free explosive, careful now… we already pulled the pin. Thanks for the support.

bang Bang Beat Garden/ Public Axis



VideodromeTime for Some Videos folks. Curly Castro and dj Ambush have been sweating over stoves to bring you- Phatman & Likkle Bwoy (the mixtape). This is the first video from the project The Rapping Simpsons Give thanks to Tone Bone for the creation. Check it out right quick….

And also check out me and the Big Twister performing a couple of records off of Phatman & Likkle bwoy Boxin’ part I + II featuring the One Sun Lion Ra, and the Title Track off of the project.Absorb the new music…Mixtape coming real soon

bang, Bang, Beat Garden!!!

Medina, the prodigal Suns are Returning!!

On Sep. 5th in Brooklyn, home of the prophet eMCees, the Sputnik Bar will witness: Akilles & the Oddicy along with Curly Castro touch down……

Blowing up the phrequency Ballon Block Party

Blowing up the phrequency Ballon Block Party

to Open for the BKMC Talib Kweli….

Kweligalaticand the Legendary Dj Premier…


Now Put that in your ears and Smoke It…

Porkfried Productions + Beat Garden + Blacksmith + Gangstarr =

your ass better be there or else you won’t catch the comet!

(flyer coming soon-

1ne L-


The Coming

Welcome to the new home of Beat Garden!  Take off your shoes (new carpets and all), look around, crack open an ice cold Yuegnling and get comfy.  We’re going to be updating this puppy daily with the latest info on all the Beat Gardeners as well as links to music, video, and the forum over at our sister company,